⭐ Favorite Parts ⭐

Overview Clear Estimates provides you with thousands of parts built into the Part Library, so you can create estimates for a huge variety of projects! But with thousands of parts, it can sometimes be difficult to find the one you’re looking for. That’s why we give you the ability to […]

Customize Line Items

Customize Line Items Edit the Cost of a Part Components Alternates Move or copy items Line Item Breakdown Prev SectionAll VideosNext Customize Line Items Want to customize the line items for a particular project? No problem, you can edit anything you want about a line item without impacting how the […]

How to Add Parts to Your Estimate

Add Parts – Basic Add Parts – Custom Parts Add Parts – Using Templates All VideosNext How to Add Parts to Your Estimate This video will explain how to find and add parts to your estimate. It will also show you how to favorite specific parts you may use often.

Optimizing for Use on Mobile

There is no denying it at this point, use of mobile devices in business is here to stay and using Clear Estimates is no different. Whether you are checking the proposal you created for a customer or creating a proposal at the customer’s site, Clear Estimates on mobile is a […]

Never Repeat Work for a New Estimate

Clear Estimates lets you avoid duplicating your work from estimate to estimate, because when you have done the work once you shouldn’t have to do it again. There are a lot of ways you can avoid repeating work over and over, and we’ll cover them here. Duplicate a Project One of […]

Custom Fields in Boilerplate

This feature will let you customize your reports & proposals for each customer! When writing your boilerplate, you’ll now see a dropdown menu that says “Insert Variable.” From here you can insert fields such as Project Cost or your customer’s first name: Use the “Insert Variable” drop down to select […]

How the Markup Works

In your project below the list of parts, you’ll see a section labeled “Markup” with three parts below it: “Material”, “Labor”, and “Subcont”. These allow you to set your markup percentages for each of the three categories.  In our the article about how costs are calculated for parts, we discussed […]

The Alternate / Components List

At the very bottom of the project manager page, you’ll see the “Alternates and Components List” where you can create and edit new alternates and components for your project. We’ll talk about each one separately, but these are both essentially sub-sections of a project that have some special properties. They […]

The PQUD Shortcuts

You may have noticed in some places in the software, the big orange buttons: “P”, “Q”, “U”, “D”. What are these? And when should you use them? You’ll see these buttons to the right of text boxes which are for the “Preliminary Text”, “Formal Text” and “Subcontractor Text”. These text […]