How to Add Parts to your Estimate

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There are a couple of different ways to add parts to your estimate. Let’s first start with the ‘Browse Part Library method. This is a great way to browse the Clear Estimates catelog of parts and add them to your estimate. To add parts to your estimate, first head into your Project you would like to estimate. Then, use the Browse Part Libary option near the center of your screen. See below.

Then, search for parts you are looking for by using three levels of search:

  • Main Category
  • Sub Category
  • Part Group

This helps you to really isolate the scope of work you are looking for.

Then, click the part you’d like to add. Enter how much you need, and add the part to your estimate. Click the white ‘X’ to exit the search and view your estimate.

The second method of adding parts to your estimate is by using the Search feature. 

You’ll then see the results for your search. Any item with a gold star on the left side means that it is a favorite. You can favorite as many items as you would like. Click an item and some details will display. This is where you can edit the quantity needed, the labor rate, and decide which aspect of your estimate the part should be added to. To add the part, click Add Part.

Continue searching and adding parts as needed. When you are done adding parts, click the X to exit the part search. Remember that you can always return to this page by searching for additional parts or templates.

You’re now ready to start adding parts to your estimates!

For a video walkthrough, click here.

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