1. Bobbie J Brushia

    Thanks for the video it is exactly what I’m looking for. I’d like to talk with you more about cost.
    Thank you

    1. Alex Krull

      Hi Bobbie – We’re glad you found this video to be helpful. A member of our team is going to reach out today to answer any questions you might have. – The Clear Estimates Team

  2. can this software also be used to accurately bid commercial level jobs ?
    for me personally on the tasks of plumbing as i am a plumbing contractor.

    1. Alex Krull

      Hi Daniel. Thanks for the question! Clear Estimates is more of a tool for residential remodeling. Our database of material and labor pricing is tailored to that kind of work. You could use Clear Estimates for commercial, but would have to adjust pricing for each part, should it differ. We also offer a ‘Custom Part’ option that allows you to input your own scope of work. This is easy to do! I hope this helps!

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