Navigating the New Projects Page (October 2019)

Update: October 2019

Clear Estimates has added a new feature on your Projects page that allows you to ‘Browse’ for parts. Many of our customers find this to be a much faster way of finding and adding parts to your estimate. To browse, click ‘Browse Part Library’.

Use three levels of filters to find the parts you are looking for. Category, Sub-Category, and Part Group.

Then, add the parts to your estimate just like you usually would.

In November 2018, Clear Estimates made an update to the Projects page. This update focuses on adding parts and templates to your estimate as well as sending an estimate to a customer right from your Projects page.

To search for parts and templates to add to your estimate, use the search bar that says Type here to search for parts and templates…

Then, click the item you are looking for. A small window will open, this is called the Add Part Preview. This is where you can enter the quantity needed and determine where in your estimate you would like to add it. Click Add Part to add your part to your estimate. When you do so, you’ll see confirmation.

Continue adding parts as needed. Click the X to remove the search window, taking you to a fullscreen view of your estimate.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Projects page and you’ll find the Export Project button. This is formerly known as Preview Table. This document is only intended for insurance companies and internal use. It is not intended to be your professional proposal send to the homeowner. View the next image to view your Proposal.

To send your estimate to your customer, scroll to the top of the Projects page and click View Proposal. This is the document that is intended to be sent to your customer/homeowner. 

For a video walkthrough, click here. We hope you enjoy this redesign!

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  1. John Powell

    Is the new “autosave ON” continuous or does it save at regular intervals? Worried I may lose a project or changes if I can’t manually save before logging out or if power is lost etc. Thanks.

    1. Alex Krull

      Hi John! Thanks for the question. When working in the Projects page, you can be confident that the autosave feature captures all of the work you do. Keep in mind, though, that this is just for the Projects page. Hope this helps!

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