1. Alex Krull

      Hi Gary! We’re glad you are enjoying the changes. All of this has been done with faster estimating in mind. We wanted to bring other aspects of Clear Estimates to your Projects page, making it more of a “one stop shop” for estimating.

  1. Greg Lee

    I miss the create a part custom. Did you remove that or is it located somewhere else?

    1. Jack Dean

      Hi Greg,
      The “Create Custom Part” is still available! First, hover your mouse over the “Search” button near the top and click “Browse”. Then, at the bottom of the list of parts you’ll see the “Create Custom Part” button. This button will also show after you’ve searched for a part, in case you can’t find what you’re looking for.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Yes I like the updates it does make things easier and faster. One thing i would like to know when are you guys going to add the templet that caters to 203k Contractors like myself. If you guys can add a bid templet would be greatly appreciated. Allot of the inspectors use them and if you guys can put one together like there’s for your contractors I am sure a lot of us would be happy individuals.

    1. Alex Krull

      Hi Darren! We’re thrilled you are enjoying the new updates! That is a great suggestion and I am happy to pass it along. We are always looking to add new parts and templates to help our users create estimates faster. Thanks again!

  3. Mike Hankins

    Nice update. Still waiting on you guys to fix the issue with exporting this over to quickbooks pro 2017. Called about the issue back in March and was told someone would start working on a fix and still haven’t heard back and still wont export/ import the estimates over.

    1. Alex Krull

      Hi Mike! Thanks for reaching out. We’re glad you are enjoying the update. I’m sorry about the Quickbooks issue, a member of our team will reach out to you personally regarding that.

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