Optimizing for Use on Mobile

There is no denying it at this point, use of mobile devices in business is here to stay and using Clear Estimates is no different. Whether you are checking the proposal you created for a customer or creating a proposal at the customer’s site, Clear Estimates on mobile is a great way to boost your productivity without having to go back to your office and sit at your desk. Let’s talk about how you can make Clear Estimates work for you.

No apps to download

With Clear Estimates, there is no need to download any apps to your iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. Clear Estimates works on any device with an internet connection. Just go to your web browswer on your device (like Safari or Google Chrome) and go to ClearEstimates.com just like you would on your computer. Here you can login as normal and have access to all of your information.

How To Optimize

Clear Estimates will work on any device, but if you’re using a smartphone you’ll immediately notice that everything is very small. This can make it hard to scroll around and find a part in our list of thousands. In order to get the most out of mobile, you’ll want to do a few things to make it easy to use.

Do’s and Don’ts

When using a phone or small tablet, most the text is going to look small. This means it is best to use these smaller devices for simple things like reminding yourself what the Bid Price was for a project, or looking up a customer’s address really quickly. So that means:

    Do: Use your phone to check things on Clear Estimates

    Don’t: Expect to build an entire estimate from your phone, it will take too long

If you are using a tablet like an iPad, Clear Estimates will look much more like your computer screen and you’ll find it easier to use. But even on a tablet, it can be hard to scroll through lots of parts or type in a lot of custom descriptions.

    Do: Use your tablet to create estimates, especially with templates (more on this later)

    Don’t: Try to customize each part for an estimate on your tablet while at a customer site, you’ll find it much slower than your computer

So in general. We recommend doing most of the leg work (creating templates, customizing parts, fine-tuning the estimate, etc.) while at a computer. But phones can be great for checking on something while on the go, and tablets will allow you to build quick rough-estimates right in the field (then you can go back to your office to put on the finishing touches).

Using Tablets / Templates

If you want to be able to create estimates in the field from your tablet, setting up templates is essential. Imagine you’re at a customer’s home putting together an estimate for a kitchen remodel on your tablet. You could walk through and add each part one by one (250 sq feet of tiling, install kitchen sink, remove gas range, install electric range, etc.) but this will be difficult and take some time.

Instead, set up a template (we already have kitchen templates!) that you are comfortable with. Then while you’re on your tablet at the customer’s home, you can select the template, type in the 250sq ft for the kitchen and click one button to save that list of parts to your project. Sure, it may not be exactly and 100% correct for the project, but you can work out those details back at the office. 

This way, you can get all of the rough information you need (kitchen template, bathroom template, a few extra parts for the landscaping, etc.) while in the field. And put on the finishing touches when using a bigger screen, mouse, and keyboard. Plus, you won’t have to remember every detail from the site visit because you have most of it down already.

For more on templates, see our video about how to work with templates here.

More Tips

Here are a few more tips for setting yourself up with mobile devices:

  • Create your customer and project BEFORE going to the site to walk through. This will save you time typing in their information on your tablet
  • Set up your templates ahead of time and really be comfortable with those before you set off
  • From some tablets (mainly iPads) you can email your estimate right from your browser so you can email the customer a preliminary estimate before you even leave the site
  • Use your phone or tablet to double check what you gave an estimate if you are about to talk to them about it

Happy Estimating!

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