Sharing Templates with Other Users

Hi everyone, we have a feature allowing you to share templates with other users. This allows you to either share one of the templates that we offer, or one that you create with another user. You can find this feature by entering your account, clicking “Templates” and then hovering over “Import/Export”.

To Export a template, first make sure that you are inside of the template you would like to export:


Then, hover over “Import/Export” and click “Export Current Template”:


This will download a file on your computer. Attach this file to an email and send it to a friend!

To Import a template, take the template that was sent to you and save it to your computer. Open up Clear Estimates, head over to “Templates”, hover over “Import/Export” and click “Import a Template”. Select the template that a friend sent over to you and finish the import process.

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  1. John Williams

    I am a new user to CE and have used the remodeling templates as starting point and have found them very helpful. Ideally I am building new homes and am hoping to develop templates to help with that estimating. I am assuming that many of you also are using Clear Estimates in this way. Looking forward to sharing for our mutual benefits!

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