The PQUD Shortcuts

You may have noticed in some places in the software, the big orange buttons: “P”, “Q”, “U”, “D”. What are these? And when should you use them?

You’ll see these buttons to the right of text boxes which are for the “Preliminary Text”, “Formal Text” and “Subcontractor Text”. These text boxes are where you can customize what text shows up on a report for a particular part. For example, you can edit a part (say, for installing some tile flooring) and write in the text that you want to show up on each report (preliminary, formal, or subcontractor).

This is a great way to customize those reports, so you can have the line item that describes a part on a report be different for the different kinds of report.

Back to the PQUD buttons, why are they there? These are just shortcuts so you don’t have to type out some of the commonly used words, just click the buttons and have it typed for you. Here is what each does:

  • P- “Provide and Install”
    • You can customize what the P prints in your options
  • Q- this will print the quantity of the part
    • In the edit part window it will write “[qty]”
    • But when it prints on the report, it will print the quantity of that part instead of “[qty]”
    • Clear Estimates will always print the quantity that you input, so you can change the quantity without having to change the text
  • U- prints the unit of the parts
    • “Square Feet of”
    • “Peices of”
  • D- the description from the above text box
    • Prints whatever is written in the “Description” text box
    • Even if it is a custom description


One of the first parts in “09 Floor Framing” is “Install 2″ x 8″ single member beam”

    • Its units are “linear feet”
    • Clicking the PQUD buttons right in a row will write the following into the text box:
      • “Provide and install [qty] Lin. Feet of Install 2″ x 8″ single member beam”
    • The “Install 2″ x 8″ single member beam” comes from the description box above when we click “D”
    • You can see that we have repeated “install” because it came from the “P” and the “D” so let’s clean it up to this:
      • “Provide and install [qty] Lin. Feet of 2″ x 8″ single member beam”
    • As an exmple, let’s say we have selected 100 as the quantity for this part
    • On the report, it will print off like this:
      • “Provide and install 100 Lin. Feet of 2″ x 8″ single member beam”
    • Even if we change the quantity in the project, when we get another print preview of the report, the quantity will change to whatever the new quantity is

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